Why senior cats need special handling

“A retrospective study revealed that 22 percent of cats over 1 year old and 90 percent of cats over 12 years old had radiographic evidence of degenerative joint disease.”

This is why I use plenty of towels when I groom a senior cat.  They rest on soft surfaces. If they’re not heavy, I even support their body while bathing them. The little things count.


The Secret to Successful Cat Grooming

The secret is that . . .

Cat grooming is not for the cat.

Cat grooming is for the owner.

Things I see after I finish grooming a cat . . .

Owners breathing in the clean smell of their cat’s fur.

Owners ruffling the soft fur of their beloved cat.

Owners able to let their cat snuggle with them, without fear of being scratched by overly long claws.

It’s the simple things in life that give the most pleasure.

Photo on 3-3-13 at 10.54 AM #3

(Note.  Grooming isn’t just for the owner.  Many cats do need help staying clean. They certainly can’t trim their own claws.)

Cleaning cat’s messy rear

Common complaint especially among humans who live with long-haired cats.

The rear becomes messy.

Helpful video showing a veterinarian shaving that area.

Other suggestions.

1. If poop is soft, it’s more likely to get caught in fur. Some cat foods result in softer poop.  If that’s the situation, try different brands until you find one that results in reasonably firm poop. That won’t help you right now, but it will help in the future. 
2. Cats benefit from litter boxes in which they can easily turn around.  Double check to make sure your box is very roomy, and is in an area where cat feels comfortable.
3. Different types of litter might help.  I like “World’s Best Cat Litter.”
4. Wipe rear once a day with a large wet wipe made for cats.  Cats get wiggly when you touch their rear, so you can try distracting them with toys and treats, or one of you can hold him while the other wipes.  One way to hold a cat is to wrap them up in a very big towel, like a burrito, and expose the part on which you’re working. Do it fast, ha ha.  Cats generally don’t like to have their bottoms messed with.
5. Small round-tipped scissors can be used to trim dirty bits.  The important factor is that you have to make 100% sure you’re not cutting the skin.  Put a metal grooming comb or your finger between the skin and the part you’re trimming.  Cat skin is easy to cut due to its thin-ness, so do this with good lighting and caution. You can buy round-tipped trimming scissors for pets and a metal grooming comb on Amazon.
6. You can buy the same sort of clipper I use for shaving. It’s very quiet and easy to handle.  You can also use it to trim fur in other areas.  I use Wahl’s Bravura clipper. This is a quiet, strong clipper.
7. If cat has a bunch of poop accumulated on his rear, cat will probably need a partial bath to soak it off. You can buy hypo-allergenic, unscented pet shampoo. Use as directed on label.
I make house calls for sanitary trims, but if your cat is gentle, you can try doing it yourself.
Good luck!

Cat Care in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Each culture has their own ideas about how to care for pet cats.

This store in Riyadh writes that cats need a source of grass for nibbling.  I like this. American stores and shelters never suggest grass for nibbling! I wish they did.

From Purrfect Pets of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


  . . . Indoor cats need a litter box (which must be cleaned daily), a scratching post and a source of grass for nibbling on. They also need chew toys for hunting down and grappling with. To prevent the population explosion of unwanted, feral cats, spay or neuter your cat as soon as it reaches sexual maturity (about six months old). If you intend to breed with your cat, make sure it cannot wander off.

Some cats, especially long-haired breeds, require regular grooming. . . . “

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