Hot cat? How to keep your cat cool.

Some breeds thrive in cool, cold or VERY cold weather, but they wilt in hot temperatures. I’m looking at you Maine Coons & Siberians, you laid-back fur beasties.

Instead of shaving ALL the fur off — which to be honest makes me feel sad — I like to shave off the belly, upper chest and groin fur.  This creates “air conditioning for the body”.  From above, you can’t even tell the cats been shaved.

A lot of cats get wiggly or upset when shaved, so doing JUST a belly shave keeps drama to a minimum.

With an air-conditioned belly, you can put a leash on your MC or Siberian and head to the nearest park.


Good cat hospital in NYC

I took my cat to The New York Cat Hospital on the west side at 66th street.  I totally recommend this veterinary hospital.  Friendly staff, skilled technicians and kindly veterinarian.  Dr. Lander seems like a very sincere person.  She was able to figure out what was going on with my cat by doing a thorough physical exam.  Not many doctors do thorough physical exams anymore — most seem to be reliant on tests that, in the end, may not even be that useful for diagnosis.

I’ve tried a few other veterinarians in NYC.  None of them were awful, but feeling  comfortable is important to me. I felt comfortable with Dr. Lander.