Misguided cat information all over the place.

If a veterinarian or veterinary technician tells you cats don’t need to be groomed, ask “What about fat cats who can’t clean? What about sick cats? What about 20-year old cats? What about Persian cats? What about shedding season? What about claws growing into paw pads?”

Veterinary professionals have so much to offer, but they are not who I go to for questions about quality-of-life care. Grooming improves the quality of life for owners and pets.



Ingrown claws. Ouch! Prevent them.

Be the best cat owner in New York.

Claws can grow into paw pads of old cats, chubby cats, but also young healthy cats.

Owners feel so upset when I show them ingrown claws. They love their cats.

Don’t let it happen to you!

Schedule claw trim visits. Better to do it now than wait too long.

If you like my grooming tips, you might enjoy having me groom your cat. Email catgroomnyc@yahoo.com to learn more.

Natural cat grooming. Very necessary.

Photo by Zenera.

Cats used to walk through rain and snow. Wind blew away shed fur. Branches pulled off mats. Sunshine dried oily skin.

Mother Nature was a cat groomer.

Cats live inside now.

We must do what nature used to do, or face the consequences.

Oily fur. Mats. Shedding all over the house. Hairballs vomited up.


Cat grooming is both natural and necessary.

Linda Schmoldt

Professional Cat Groomer