Reasons why you shouldn’t buy your cat from a pet store

I only need one reason.

If I am a breeder who has a few cats who have at most a few litters a year, I get attached to the cats.  They live with me. They’re all my own cats, until they go to a new home.  I see them go from being tiny specks of life who can’t even see, to lively, lovely animals with a personality of their own.

If I am a pet store owner, I don’t raise the cats. They don’t live with me.  They live in cages in the store.  I haven’t seen them go from being newborns to kittens. I’ve invested money in them, but nothing else.

Who is going to be more attached to their cats?  A breeder or a pet store owner? Who’s more motivated to treat the cats like they matter?

Stores are all about appearances.  As an anti-show groomer, I say a healthy appearance can be faked. Diarrhea can be cleaned up. Vomit can be cleaned up. Eyes can be cleaned.  A sick cat can be made to look healthy. Happens all the time.

*Probably don’t need to say this, but when I say “breeder” I’m not talking about kitten-mill breeders.

Vet, Pet Store Owner Arrested for Fraudulent Pet Health Certificates
A veterinarian and his pet store owner wife have been accused for falsifying health certificates for pets.

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