Welcome! Enjoy your visit to Spiffy Kitty Cat Grooming!

Greeting from Linda . . .


Linda Schmoldt is the first & currently the only housecall groomer recognized as a Fear Free Certified Professional.


Linda’s Credentials — Graduate of New York School of Grooming; Bronx Zoo zookeeper internship; 1,000 hours of volunteering at shelters; veterinary nurse; winner of scholarship for pre-veterinary studies; Barnard College.

Where I travel to care for your cat — Manhattan from 96th street to Battery Park. If you would like me to visit outside that area, there will be a travel fee.

Hours — 10 to 3.  Monday through Saturday. Same-day appointments are not available.

How to prepare for Kitty Spa Day — Our goal is a soft, clean, un-matted cat. Let’s do our best to keep things calm & relaxing because we feel affection for our cats!

How do we do this? Calm home, no renovations or disturbances; guests, household staff & children relax in a different room; avoid sudden loud noises during grooming; big towels to swaddle kitty in case of the wiggles; please provide treats & toys for distraction.


Fees for Kitty Spa Day, Manicure or “Sanitary trim”

Time is money!  By the time you’ve lured kitty into the carrier, been transported to salon/clinic, picked up kitty, been transported home, how much money have you spent? Hmmnnn . . . .

$170 to $210 for regular grooming

$250 to $300 for lion cut/shave down

** I don’t blow dry short-haired cats, unless you know for sure they’re comfortable around blow-dryers. 

$60 to $80 for claw trim

$80 to $100 for rear fur trim


Cat Sitting

$35 to $45.  Prepare fresh food, change water, litter box, play time or cuddle time, daily photo. Cat sitting helps your cat bond to me, so grooming sessions become fun for the cat. Cat sitting+Cat Grooming=Trust

Easy Ways to Pay

1) in cash 2) with a local check that has your name and current date 3) Venmo.


Now you are ready schedule an appointment! Let’s go!

Email Linda at catgroomnyc@yahoo.com.

*  Please tell me your location, cat’s age, cat’s health history & the desired services.

** Wiggling or a little bad mood is natural, but if your cat panics, bites or scratches wildly, discuss with your veterinarian the humane calming medications now available for cats. Drugs such as Gabapentin will turn grooming into a Spa-like experience for kitty.

Trust is the key to successful grooming visits

See you soon!  Email Linda at catgroomnyc@yahoo.com to schedule a visit.