Welcome! Enjoy your visit to Spiffy Kitty Cat Grooming and Cat Sitting!

Interested in gentle grooming for your cat? I am a Fear Free Certified Professional.

Email:  catgroomnyc@yahoo.com

Training & Education

  • Graduate of New York School of Grooming
  • Bronx Zoo zookeeper internship
  • 1,000 hours of volunteering at shelters
  • veterinary nurse

Where I travel to care for your cat — Manhattan from 96th street to Battery Park. 

Business hours — 9 to 5.  Monday through Saturday

How to prepare for Kitty Spa Day — Let’s keep things calm & relaxing, because that’s best for cats. Goal –> soft, un-matted cat with trimmed claws.

How to prepare for a happy visit.

  • No renovations or vacuum cleaners.
  • Owner home for first visit.
  • Guests, staff & children relax in another room.
  • Avoid sudden noises during grooming. Even a door opening can make a cat jump.
  • Big towels, or even a blanket, to swaddle kitty in case of wiggles
  • Please provide favorite treats & toys for distraction.
  • IMPORTANT TIP: the more annoying the procedure, the better the treat must be, same as for us!

Fees for Kitty Spa Day, Manicure or “Sanitary trim”

$170 to $225 for basic grooming.

*Pre-book weekly, bi-weekly or monthly visits for member pricing. Member pricing is different.*

I do not groom cats who have more than a few mats. The service I provide is maintenance grooming. Contact me to schedule monthly quick maintenance visits, so your cat never again becomes matted. I will also teach you easy basic brushing.

$60 to $80 for claw trim. Different pricing will be given if you are pre-scheduling visits at least every 4 weeks.

$80 to $100 for rear-fur trim.


Blow drying is only for cats who are not scared of the dryer.

Wiggling or a little bad mood is natural, but if your cat seems panicked or aggressive, discuss with your veterinarian the humane calming medications now available. Gabapentin help cats relax during their necessary maintenance grooming sessions. Do not sedate with acepromazine, as that drug may increase anxiety instead of reducing it. Let’s do our best to make this a good experience.

Cats enjoy being brushed on their head and neck. Use this technique to calm them.

Cat Sitting

$40 to $50 depending on distance I travel.  Put out fresh food, change water, litter box, play time or cuddle time, daily photo. Cat sitting helps your cat bond to me, so grooming sessions become fun for the cat. Cat sitting+Cat grooming=Trust

 Easy Ways to Pay

1) in cash 2) with a local check that has your name and current date 3) Venmo.

Now you are ready schedule an appointment.  Let’s go!

Email Spiffy Kitty at catgroomnyc@yahoo.com.

Please tell me your location, cat’s age, cat’s health history & the desired services.

Trust is the key to successful grooming visits

Want to know more?  See below for ideal grooming schedules.


Sample grooming schedules for various breeds

This is the schedule to follow if you want your cat to have a beautiful, healthy, un-matted, de-shedded coat at all times.

Persian cat kept in a full coat:  Daily brushing of entire body by owner. Monthly full grooming session with bath. This is the MINIMUM required to keep a Persian cat in a full coat without any mats and with minimal shedding. Many Persian cat owners have no idea how gorgeous and soft their cat can be. Don’t deny yourself this pleasure!

Siberian or Maine Coon kept in a full coat: Completely brush the body every 3 days.  Monthly de-shedding and de-matting grooming session.

Domestic Short-Haired: Weekly brushing of entire body. Baths every 3 months.

What if you don’t have time to brush your cat?  Schedule more frequent visits. Simplify your life.

Expert tips:  Experiment until you find the treats your cat can not resist. Using treats, play distraction, and/or head rubs, gradually get your cat to associate brushing with fun and delicious food.