Information for cat owners

Cat Nanny for NYC Kitties

Training & Education

  • Graduate of New York School of Grooming
  • CUNY scholarship winner for pre-veterinary studies
  • house call nurse (injections, fluids, etc.)
  • animal shelter manager for shelter in Chapel Hill, N.C.
  • internship Bronx Zoo Big Cats exhibits
  • 1,000’s of hours of volunteer work at animal shelters
  • meeting coordinator for House Call Groomers Association
  • Spiffy Kitty House Call Cat Grooming is insured

My story

By the time I was 16, I’d attended school in four foreign countries and eight states.   We moved around a lot, living in motels and hotels, spending weeks on the road.  What an exciting life for a curious child! Loved it! Only problem . . . we couldn’t have pets on the road.

I’m making up for lost time now.  Cats fascinate me.  How do they communicate with each other? How do they make decisions? We have much to learn. They are more than cute. They are sophisticated, complex creatures, much like two-legged New Yorkers!

Have you been told that cats groom themselves? 

“Common sense” or myth?  Americans keep shoes on in the home, while the Japanese remove shoes.  Cultural habits decide what is “normal” and even what is “clean”.  My mother was born in Japan.  Like everyone with an international parent, I know that habits within one country differ drastically from those in another.

In Japan, pet owners assume their indoor cat needs to be groomed.  They trim claws and brush fur.

After grooming many shedding, dandruffy, greasy-looking or matted cats, I know for a fact that cats can need our help, no matter what country you live in!

Where I travel to care for your cat

Manhattan from 96th street to Battery Park.


10 to 3.  Tuesday through Saturday.

Preparing for Kitty Spa Day

The goal is a clean and un-matted cat. Humanity before vanity. This is grooming, not surgery!

These rules are for the benefit of your cat, especially if you have a “scaredy-cat”.

  • Clean kitchen sink & counter before I arrive
  • Chair with a back (folding chair) in case I want to put kitty in my lap
  • At least 2 large bath towels per cat for gentle restraint & possibly drying
  • Peaceful home. No renovations, vacuuming, or other distractions
  • Children, guests & housekeepers stay in another part of the home during grooming
  • Doors closed & hiding spaces blocked if kitty may hide
  • If kitty will surely hide, kitty placed in a carrier before arrival of groomer
  • Owner 6 feet away unless invited to come closer, so kitty can be focus of attention
  • Owner has to be home for the first visit

Safety rules for the pet and for me

  • Never put your hand in front of the cat’s face while I am grooming the cat.
  • Do not block my movement by standing close to the cat.  If a cat tries to bite or scratch, I have to move fast.
  • Cat bites can go surprisingly deep, even if they don’t bleed much. Treatment is 10 days of “horse-pill” sized antibiotics that can cause digestive upset and loss of appetite. Medical visit and medication cost over $125 with insurance, not including loss of income if the bite is serious. If your cat bites, but is healthy enough for sedation, please consider taking the cat to a veterinary clinic for a sedated groom.

Fees for Kitty Spa Day, Manicure or “Sanitary trim”

Compare to fees for care at a salon, where if your time is money, you’ve already “spent” $50 by the time you get your cat in the carrier, not to mention taxi fare and waiting around time, since salons keep cats for hours and hours.

Compare to fees for vet clinics, where vaccinations and sometimes sedation can add as much as $500 to the cost.

A full grooming session ranges from $165 to $210, plus sales tax, depending on travel distance, cat’s behavior and coat condition. A claw trim is included in a full session. The goal of my session is to make the cat feel as comfortable and clean as possible, given their age & reaction to grooming.

“Lion cuts”/shave-downs range from $200 to $300, plus sales tax, depending on how matted or thick the fur is, and on how your cat reacts to being shaved. The fee includes a claw trim and bath, if possible and desired.

If you only want a mani-pedi (claw trim) the range is generally from $60 to $80, (plus sales tax), depending on travel distance and cat’s behavior.

If you want a “sanitary trim” of the rear or a “ruff trim” (fur under the chin) the fee ranges from $80 to $100 plus sales tax.

Ear cleaning with veterinary-quality cleaning solution is $25 if done alone, but free of charge if you get a full grooming session. Ear canals are the entrance to the body. Keep the ears clean to prevent discomfort.

Tips.  I don’t expect a tip for simply doing my job.  If you feel I went above and beyond, tips are appreciated, but please don’t feel an obligation.


I groom cats belonging to all sorts of wonderful people, from junior accountants to celebrities. My clients deserve privacy, and that is what they get from me.  House call grooming is perfect for people who value privacy.

Cat Sitting

Half-hour visits.  I put down fresh water and food, clean the litter box, and cuddle or play with your cat. I email or text a photo of each visit. $35 to $40 depending on location & number of cats.

How to Pay

1) in cash 2) with a local check that has your name and the current date.

Contact information 

Linda Schmoldt (Spiffy Kitty House Call Cat Grooming)

Email Linda at

Please tell me your location, cat’s age, cat’s health condition, the service you’d like me to provide, whether or not you can pick up your cat without concern about being bitten or scratched, and lastly whether you are available for a 10-3 Monday – Friday visit or you need a Saturday visit. Thank you very much.












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Want to know more?  Read on.

I don’t use sedation.

I can try to shave off each mat instead of shaving entire cat, as long as the cat doesn’t have several mats. A “lion cut” is not the only choice.

If I need to shave your cat due to mats, allergies or other reasons, your cat may not look symmetrical & smooth afterwards.  It depends on how well they tolerate being groomed and the number/size of mats.

My grooming sessions are a guilt-free zone. No lectures about food, weight, brushing or anything else.












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