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What other New Yorkers say about me
Words cannot describe what the incredibly professional and compassionate services provided by Linda at Spiffy Kitty House Call Grooming and Cat sitting have done for my life—and the life of my cat!
Linda was masterful in how she handled Belle for the safety and health of all.  Needless to say, my recommendation for Linda and her services is of the highest caliber imaginable.
This is my first ever Yelp review.  That said, Linda is amazing.  My boyfriend and I have used her once to clip our extremely nervous and skittish cat’s nails.  We don’t know how to thank her enough, but hoping a stellar Yelp review helps get the message across!
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My Extensive Training & Education
Graduate of New York School of Grooming, CUNY scholarship award winner for achievement in pre-veterinary courses, veterinary nurse for Upper East Side veterinary clinics, house call nurse for house call veterinarian, animal shelter sdministrative manager for a progressive shelter in Chapel Hill, N.C., intern Bronx Zoo Big Cats Exhibits.
Easy to reach me. Contact information . . . 
Linda Schmoldt (Spiffy Kitty House Call Cat Grooming)
Share with me your location & describe your kitty (age, health, long or short hair).
Where I travel to care for your cat . . . 
Manhattan from 96th street to Battery Park.
*+$100 travel fee if your residence is outside my travel area.
Convenient hours when I groom cats . . . 
9-5 Monday through Saturday
Non-negotiable guide for Kitty Spa Day & Kitty Mani-Pedi Day . . . 
  • Clean kitchen sink & counter
  • 2 large bath towels for gentle restraint & possibly drying
  • Peaceful home. No renovations, vacuuming, or other distractions
  • Children, guests & housekeepers stay in another part of the home during grooming
  • Doors closed & hiding spaces blocked if kitty may hide
  • If kitty will definitely hide, kitty placed in a carrier before arrival of groomer
  • Owner 6 feet away unless invited to come closer, so kitty can be focus of my attention
  • If owner or grooming area is not ready when I  arrive, I may need to cancel or reschedule
  • Owner has to be home for the first visit
Fees for house call Kitty Spa Day and Kitty Mani-Pedi 
full groom ranges from $160 to $210, plus sales tax, depending on travel distance, cat’s behavior and coat condition.  The claw trim is included in a full groom.
If you only want a mani-pedi (claw trim) the range is from $50 to $80, (plus sales tax), depending on travel distance and cat’s behavior.
Cat-sitting client Mystic gets close.


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