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Photo by K. Lotto. Don't use without permission.
Why does my human choose Spiffy Kitty? Because I’m worth it. (Photo: K. Lotto)


Extensive Training & Education

Graduate of New York School of Grooming

Barnard College B.A.

CUNY scholarship award winer for achievement in pre-veterinary courses

Lab research technician, University of IL — diseases carried by tropical mosquitos

Fieldwork — effects of pesticides on frogs in rural Minnesota lakes

Veterinary Nurse for Upper East Side veterinary clinics

House Call Nurse for house call veterinarian

Animal Shelter Administrative Manager for a progressive shelter in Chapel Hill, N.C.

Emergency Animal Rescue Supervisor

Intern Bronx Zoo Big Cats Exhibits



“Words cannot describe what the incredibly professional and compassionate services provided by Linda at Spiffy Kitty House Call Grooming and Cat sitting have done for my life—and the life of my cat!  I am a first time cat parent, having adopted my Belle, abandoned on the Jersey shore a week before Hurricaine Sandy hit.  How a dear traumatized cat is now becoming a sweet gentle Park Avenue kitty has been a joy to watch unfold.  And I attribute the vast majority of her progress to Linda.  Linda has been an invaluable educational resource for me as well as literally making it possible
for me to give a home to my wonderful cat.  I’m in Boston most weekends and Linda comes for Fri Sat Sun cat sitting sessions which include everything you can think of and more, from feeding, grooming, litter box maintenance, playing, and cuddling.
Linda was masterful in how she handled Belle for the safety and health of all.  Linda is also completely trustworthy.  She visits my apartment regularly for cat sitting when I’m out of town, and everything is left pristine and she is most gracious to the staff of the building.  And most importantly for me, she calms my nerves by sending an email,  photo and often video vignette of how the days session went and any concerns (dietary, behavioral, etc) noted.
I have tremendous gratitude and respect for Linda and I hope that Belle, her Auntie Linda and I will have a long relationship. Needless to say, my recommendation for Linda and her services is of the highest caliber imaginable.”

“This is my first ever Yelp review.  That said, Linda is amazing.  My boyfriend and I have used her once to clip our extremely nervous and skittish cat’s nails.  It took a little time to get a hold of Max, but once that was done, Linda worked quickly and gently.  My boyfriend and I are moving in a few weeks and plan to call Linda to help put Max in his carrier to make this stressful process as painless for everyone as possible.  We don’t know how to thank her enough, but hoping a stellar Yelp review helps get the message across!”

See Yelp for more happy clients.


Contact information

Linda Schmoldt (Spiffy Kitty House Call Cat Grooming)

Email Linda at to discuss becoming a Spiffy Kitty client.

Please share with me your general location and describe your cat (age, health, long or short hair).


Spiffy Kitty Travel area

Manhattan from 96th street to Battery Park.

*+$100 travel fee if your residence is outside my travel area.



9-5 Monday through Saturday


Non-negotiable requirements for house call cat grooming, because we want your cat to have a calm, positive grooming experience.

  • Clean kitchen sink and counter
  • 2 large bath towels for gentle restraint and possibly drying
  • Quiet home. No renovations, vacuuming, or other distractions
  • Children, guests & household staff stay in another part of the home during grooming
  • Doors closed and hiding spaces blocked if cat may hide
  • If cat will definitely hide, cat placed in a carrier before arrival of groomer
  • Owner stays 6 feet away unless asked to come closer. Groomer must focus on cat.
  • Payment in cash or local check with current date and owner’s name.
  • If owner or the grooming area is not ready when groomer arrives, groomer may cancel or reschedule for a later date
  • Owner has to be home for the first visit



The fee varies depending on cat’s size, behavior, coat type, what I’ll be doing and travel distance.

full groom starts at $160 to $210 plus sales tax.  The claw trim is included in a full groom. In some situations (huge cat, cat who immediately tries to bite or scratch, rarely groomed cat, very matted cat, special needs cat), I may charge more due to risk, heavy labor, or extra time spent.

$50 to $80 plus sales tax for claw trim only, depending on travel distance and cat’s behavior. Why are claw trims so important? This is why.

Payment in cash, local check with current date and your address, or Paypal.

Payment must be made at time of service.


Cat sitting in Manhattan

$40 for a half-hour visit. Fee varies due to travel time and services I’ll be providing during the visit. $15 fee for key pick up. 96th street to 23rd street. Playtime, cuddling, food, water, litter box, photo.

Grooming cats over 15 years old. Grooming sick (non-communicable) or recovering cats.

Old cats, sick cats and recovering cats receive comfort grooming. I focus 100% on comfort!  Will only shave these cats if they are too matted to be comfortable. Shave will be “spot shave” of mats.  If cat is not eating or moving much, groom will be limited to 15 minute visit to remove mats pulling on skin or to clean eyes, ears and rear area. I won’t accommodate requests to do anything other than comfort grooms.  No “make her prettier” grooms on sick cats. Grooming these cats always involves a risk, but grooming will be done with love and care for cat’s comfort. No guarantee except a guarantee of caring. I spent years working in shelters and clinics as an employee, and have also volunteered 100’s of hours of my time.

Are you an owner with the time, patience and dexterity to groom your own cat?

I’m working on a book just for you!  Expected publication date 2017.


Other staff —

This is Penny, my beagle-mix. She’s about 11 years old. I adopted her last year. She’s the office manager for Spiffy Kitty House Call Cat Grooming.  She’s also a professional composter.



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