Cat Maintenance by Linda Schmoldt. Brushing. Trimming. Cleaning.

I de-shed, de-mat and brush out cats. I also bathe them and trim parts of their fur. Occasionally I will do a lion cut if the cat will benefit from it.

Silver's so relaxed that he feels like a bowl of jello. Some cats LOVE LOVE LOVE being held close.

Stunning photo by my great client, Kristen L. This is the natural look at it's best. Natural styling is clean, soft, comfortable, relaxed.
Stunning photo by my talented & artistic client, Kristen L. This is the natural look at it’s best. See how clean, soft, comfortable and relaxed Bambi looks? After grooming, she has no mats and shed fur has been removed. Bambi gets nervous about baths, so I hug her when I bathe her. We both get wet!

Cats need to be groomed. Since cats only recently moved from outside to the inside of homes (thank you litter inventors!), we are still learning about their needs. It’s a process. Now it has become clear that cats need help with excess shed fur. Why? Because otherwise they cough up the fur as hairballs. Do they enjoy coughing up fur? No.  Cats with longer hair, and even some short haired cats get matted. Mats can pull on skin.  Ouch. Cats with lots of shed fur embedded with their growing fur are living with the equivalent of a wool army blanket covering their body. Hot! Keep in mind that cats hide discomfort. They’re impressively stoic, unless you’re trying to get them off your keyboard while typing:) So this is about need, not about glamor.

Education, experience, training . . . 

I have more hours of animal employment experience, combined with more varied animal training, plus education, than any other cat groomer in the state.

  • Interned at Wildlife Conservation Society (aka Bronx Zoo) caring for cats — the type who chow down on 5 lb. chunks of raw meat & bone. Fed meatballs to a cheetah.  Held hands with a red panda.
  • Earned post-baccalaureate Bachelor of Science degree with honors. Woo hoo!
  • Managed busy animal shelter in Chapel Hill, NC.
  • B.A. Barnard College
  • Did emergency animal rescue, working with police on vicious dog calls and stray animal pickups. Lots of midnight adventures involving frothing animals, blood and big nets.
  • Volunteered about 600 hours at animal shelters. Basically maid service and personal trainer for cats and dogs. Great way to learn about working with all sort of animal personalities.
  • Was house call veterinary nurse in Manhattan giving injections, fluids and other medications. Excellent way to learn how to handle pets who need special treatment.
  • Worked as vet tech at animal shelter. Vaccinations, check-ins, fecal samples (yum!), flea meds . . .
  • Graduated from The New York School of Grooming.
  • New York business license.  Insured.

Travel area . . . 96th street to Soho. As far west as Central Park West.

Prices . . . Generally $200 plus sales tax for each cat.  A shave down or lion cut is generally $250 plus sales tax. Claw trims are generally $80 per cat plus sales tax.

Please pay with cash or a local check that has your name on it. I can not accept post-dated checks.

Scheduling your first house call cat grooming visit . . .  Appointments 10 to 3 Monday through Saturday. I’m usually booked at least a few days ahead.  Booking a same day visit is not possible.

I do not ask for proof of vaccinations, but for the sake of grooming safety, I need to know that your cat had a veterinary exam in the last two years. I do not sedate. Please don’t give sedating drugs to your cat without telling me, because the drug’s results can be unpredictable.

Time . . . .Since I have animal-handling experience, I finish most grooms in an hour or less. With cats, finishing fast is what they like.  That is why some cats do better at home than at a salon, where they will wait for a few hours in a cage.

How it works . . . The kitchen counter and sink should be clean, free of belongings and ready for grooming when I arrive. Please put out two very large, soft towels to be used for gentle restraint and/or drying.  Your cat needs to be in a room with doors closed and no hiding places, if possible.  If I have to chase your cat, by the time I have him, he will be so excited that grooming may not even be do-able.  Cats benefit from a peaceful atmosphere. If you have guests, children, other pets or a house keeper, please ask them to stay in another area.  I am grooming for you and your cat’s convenience in your home, but the temporary grooming area is still a professional work place.  I appreciate that can be hard to accept for some hands-on owners, but the only way I can keep my concentration on your cat is if you will allow me to do my work independently.  After grooming, I spend 3 minutes tidying up. Some people have a maid come the next day, while others just vacuum or sweep up when I leave.  Usually there’s not a mess, but with some cats, fur can get around:)  Afterwards, some cats walk away as if it’s just another day in a fabulous life. Others scurry for cover, convinced that I am going to brush them again (horrors!).  No matter what their immediate reaction is, usually in a matter of minutes after I leave, they’re back to being their usual adorable selves, minus shed fur, mats and oiliness. Thank you for reading this.

I have the best clients!!! They're so sweet.
I have the best clients!!! They’re so sweet. Thank you for letting me care for your cat.  I grow to love the cats I groom.

Private House Call Cat Grooming by Linda Schmoldt

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After grooming
What is beauty? Modern cats know that beauty is feeling comfortable in your skin.

The best job in the world.

 A few reviews from Yelp

Linda was so lovely and calming – this was our fist time grooming and our cat had terrible knots and matts in his long fur.  He was totally at ease with her and she got him all cleaned up, no more matted fur and after the bath, he looked gorgeous!

This is my first ever Yelp review.  That said, Linda is amazing.  My boyfriend and I have used her once to clip our extremely nervous and skittish cat’s nails.  It took a little time to get a hold of Max, but once that was done, Linda worked quickly and gently.  My boyfriend and I are moving in a few weeks and plan to call Linda to help put Max in his carrier to make this stressful process as painless for everyone as possible.  We don’t know how to thank her enough, but hoping a stellar Yelp review helps get the message across!

Bottom line: I think  Linda walks on water.  I contacted Linda to set up regular grooming for our 20 year old cat, Albert.  He was frail and not in the best of health and needed some help.   Linda turned out to be a godsend.  She is skillful, kind, reliable, and professional.  She was ever so gentle and compassionate with Albert- it is obvious she loves cats.  She kept his fur looking good, clipped his nails, and cleaned his ears and eyes for him.  She gave him a warm bath bringing her special equipment with her and handling him ever so expertly.   She even thoughtfully brought a cat toy for our other kitty so she would not feel ignored.  There were a myriad small things Linda did to make Albert’s grooming  sessions comfortable for him.  She always explajned what she was doing and was even kind enough to provide me with guidance when I sent her  anxious emails about Albert’s health.  Linda was good for me as well as for Albert.  Albert died today, after a long and rich life, and I could not think of a better way to honor him than to write about the person who did so much for him at the end of his life.  Your cat would be fortunate indeed to have Linda care  for him or her.

Words cannot describe what the incredibly professional and compassionate services provided by Linda at Spiffy Kitty House Call Grooming and Cat sitting have done for my life—and the life of my cat!  I am a first time cat parent, having adopted my Belle, abandoned on the Jersey shore a week before Hurricaine Sandy hit.  How a dear traumatized cat is now becoming a sweet gentle Park Avenue kitty has been a joy to watch unfold.  And I attribute the vast majority of her progress to Linda.  Linda has been an invaluable educational resourse for me as well as literally making it possible for me to give a home to my wonderful cat.  I’m in Boston most weekends and Linda comes for Fri Sat Sun cat sitting sessions which include everything you can think of and more, from feeding, grooming, litter box maintenance, playing, and cuddling. Whenever I schedule a mid week appointment, initially for education and training for ME, Linda is ALWAYS precisely prompt, incredibly skilled and experienced with all aspects of cat care—including nail trimming of a cat who at first was terrified because of her history—Linda was masterful in how she handled Belle for the safety and health of all.  Linda is also completely trustworthy.  She visits my apartment regularly for cat sitting when I’m out of town, and everything is left pristine and she is most gracious to the staff of the building.  And most importantly for me, she calms my nerves by sending an email,  photo and often video vignette of how the days session went and any concerns (dietary, behavioral, etc) noted. I have tremendous gratitude and respect for Linda and I hope that Belle, her Auntie Linda and I will have a long relationship. Needless to say, my recommendation for Linda and her services is of the highest caliber imaginable.

Penny and Emma sharing the tub.
Penny and Emma sharing the tub. People say a lot of silly things about cats and baths. I use common sense to figure out what works for each cat.

NOTE: Please do not copy/use the photographs or wording on this page unless you contact me for permission.

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  1. Hi Linda,

    Do you give cats haircuts? I har a persian who is very matted from this past week when I was on vacation. I don’t know what he was doing over the week but it’s unbelievable and I need him fixed up and out of discomfort ASAP. Please let me know…


    1. Hi Britt – This is shedding season. When the days get longer, cats shed more. Shedded fur mixes in with other fur, and the result is an increase in visible mats. Since Persians need to be thoroughly brushed every week, and in fact most of them need brushing every day, it’s common for them to become more matted after vacations. If you want to email me at, we can discuss an appointment. I visit homes in Manhattan below 96th street. I also visit parts of Brooklyn and Queens, if the apartment is within five blocks of the subway. If you email, please tell me your location, the cat’s age and health issues. Thank you. Linda

  2. I have 2 cats and would love to have help clipping their nails or someone to do it for me. Maybe you can show me some tricks. One cat is 6 years and the other is new to me and under 1 year. If I can’t get someone to help me the older one has gone for months without clipping. I would like to know your fees. I am at 18th &1st Ave.

  3. Hi, I’m looking for a once-a-month groomer on a regular basis to, groom my 6 yo, tuxedo cat, Gable’s ears, a quick brushing, and his claws trimmed. I am located at 135th & Lenox Ave, 1/2 block from the 2/3 express train. Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays before noon, would be the best scenario… can you please help me?
    -Jeff G.

    1. Hello Jeff. Thank you so much for your interest in my service. Unfortunately this is outside my travel area. I wish you the best in finding another groomer to care for your cats.

  4. hi! i found this site while looking for someone to trim the claws of my cats…i give up on getting scratched! i live near jeff–139th and lenox… perhaps you would do a one-time visit uptown for two clients? it would change my life to learn how to trim their nails myself. your credentials are impressive!! best, suzette

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