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To discuss a house call cat grooming session

call Linda Schmoldt at 347-340-0623 or email

See below for answers to common questions.

Thanks for your interest!

I am a feline-only house-call cat caretaker, with services including grooming and veterinary nursing.

After her grooming.
After a bath and blow dry, Marilyn Monroe beauty
Tribute to a senior cat who I loved at first sight

Cats are the most popular pet in the city. They outnumber dogs. (Take that dogs! Who’s man’s best friend now! Meow!)

Yet . . . cats get a bad rap.  Most groomers won’t get near them without a can of tuna, body armor and your ATM password. Even veterinarians can shrink from those claws and teeth.

Yes, cats are great at psyching us out. How else would such a tiny creature survive, indeed thrive?  Recent scientific studies of DNA show that cats are still only semi-domesticated after *9,000 years! For those of you who are vague when it comes to science, that means they’re still semi-wild. You’re not surprised to hear that, right?

* Dogs have been mooching off humans three times longer than cats.

I enjoy the challenge of working with cats, because of the bit of tiger inside the pussy cat.  I look forward to spending time with your cat.

The difference between “show grooming” and “maintenance grooming”

I provide maintenance grooming. Maintenance grooming focuses on your cat’s coat, ears and claws, with the goal of increasing comfort.  It may include:  bathing to reduce odor, shedding & oiliness; combing to decrease matting & to rid the coat of shedded fur; shaving to rid the cat of mats that may pull on the skin; claw trims to reduce snagging, scratches and avoid ingrown claws; ear cleaning to prevent or decrease ear infections & itchiness. Show grooming is more about appearance. Maintenance grooming is more about comfort.

Education, experience and training:

  • interned with “big cats” at the world-famous Wildlife Conservation Society, caring for cheetahs and lions, as well as monkeys, giraffes and red pandas.
  • managed busy animal shelter in beautiful Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
  • worked as house-call veterinary nurse in Manhattan: injections, drawing blood, giving medications at pet’s home under direction of a skilled veterinarian.
  • supervised emergency animal rescue: rabid animal capture, rescue of injured animals, and worked with police on vicious-animal investigations.
  • graduated from The New York School of Dog Grooming.
  • Barnard College B.A.
  • Completed first year of DVM Program at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine.
  • Studied anatomy and chemistry. I use my education to learn about feline anatomy and to understand feline shampoos.
  • Spiffy Kitty is registered with the State of New York. Spiffy Kitty is insured. 

How much does it cost? Fees/Cost/Prices for House Call Cat Grooming. House call cat grooming sessions range from $150 to $200 per hour, with a minimum fee of $150.

*Note:  For Maine Coons, cats over 20 lbs., and cats over 16 years, the minimum fee is $200.

Short-haired cats often require one hour or less. Long-haired cats often require one to one and a half hours, though an extremely matted cat may take longer. If you need me to work within a one-hour limit, we can talk about what I can do in that time to make your cat more comfortable. Claw trims range from $60 to $80 per cat, depending on your location and the cat’s behavior.

NY State sales tax is 8.875%.  Payment in cash or local check with current address shown on check.

Do you go to my neighborhood? Travel area. I visit homes from ninety-sixth street to Canal Street. 

What does the owner need to provide?  Please provide a clean, well-lighted place with a sink deep enough to bathe your cat, good water pressure, and a calm, quiet atmosphere. I can bathe in the kitchen sink, or in your laundry room sink if you have a private laundry room in your home.  I need at least two large towels per cat, to be used for gentle restraint and/or drying.

How far in advance should I schedule a visit? Please email or call at least two weeks in advance if you need an appointment on a specific Saturday, because Saturdays are so popular. If you can schedule an appointment on a weekday between 11 and 3, call at least a few days in advance.

After the first appointment, you won’t need to be home. Same-day appointments aren’t available.

Thanks for your interest.

House Call Cat Grooming by Linda Schmoldt

No carriers, no barking dogs, no waits in cages

Albert and Linda
Handsome Albert great cat
Claw trim hugs
Victor enjoys claw trim hugs

12 thoughts on “Answers & Info

  1. Hi Linda,

    Do you give cats haircuts? I har a persian who is very matted from this past week when I was on vacation. I don’t know what he was doing over the week but it’s unbelievable and I need him fixed up and out of discomfort ASAP. Please let me know…


    • Hi Britt – This is shedding season. When the days get longer, cats shed more. Shedded fur mixes in with other fur, and the result is an increase in visible mats. Since Persians need to be thoroughly brushed every week, and in fact most of them need brushing every day, it’s common for them to become more matted after vacations. If you want to email me at, we can discuss an appointment. I visit homes in Manhattan below 96th street. I also visit parts of Brooklyn and Queens, if the apartment is within five blocks of the subway. If you email, please tell me your location, the cat’s age and health issues. Thank you. Linda

  2. I have 2 cats and would love to have help clipping their nails or someone to do it for me. Maybe you can show me some tricks. One cat is 6 years and the other is new to me and under 1 year. If I can’t get someone to help me the older one has gone for months without clipping. I would like to know your fees. I am at 18th &1st Ave.

  3. Hi, I’m looking for a once-a-month groomer on a regular basis to, groom my 6 yo, tuxedo cat, Gable’s ears, a quick brushing, and his claws trimmed. I am located at 135th & Lenox Ave, 1/2 block from the 2/3 express train. Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays before noon, would be the best scenario… can you please help me?
    -Jeff G.

    • Hello Jeff. Thank you so much for your interest in my service. Unfortunately this is outside my travel area. I wish you the best in finding another groomer to care for your cats.

  4. hi! i found this site while looking for someone to trim the claws of my cats…i give up on getting scratched! i live near jeff–139th and lenox… perhaps you would do a one-time visit uptown for two clients? it would change my life to learn how to trim their nails myself. your credentials are impressive!! best, suzette

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